LUSTRARTE is a small factory belonging to the Faria family and located in a beautiful seaside town called Marina Grande in the central part of Portugal.

The family company was founded in 1974 by Jose Leonelia Hesus Faria who intended to nurture and develop national traditions and culture heritage (it is known that 500 years ago the Portuguese went on a trip during which five continents were discovered, giving them both considerable experience in sailing and knowledge which can only be acquired by communicating with other cultures).
By combining experience, national traditions and intuiton the Faria family made the factory and its produce popular and sought-after throughout the world. Nowadays, at the beginning of the 21st century, this national knowledge still helps in the process of producing excellent light objects on time and in the neccessary amount without sacrificing quality. The manufacturers care about their reputation, therefore cooperation is determined by meeting production deadlines and ensuring stern quality control.
Classic and conventional lamps of a peculiar and excellent quality by LUSTRARTE are unlike any other. They are also impossible to reproduce. Since the factory is small, the process of manufacturing each light object receives full attention. Excellent quality guaranteed by handwork (every part is cherished and tested), short production terms (2 to 4 weeks) and adequate price (compared to other manufacturers in Europe) is what makes LUSTRARTE lamps special. The lamps are made of brass with six particular types of decoration – polished and frosted brass, antique and patinated bronze, polished and frosted nickel the analogues of which are not easy to be found.
LUSTRARTE offer lamps with two basic themes of design – „sea” and „country” – which are constantly popular and demanded in many countries including Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Scandinavian countries. LUSTRARTE light objects are perfect for restaurants, clubs, bars, hotels and private premises with this type of interior (and why not others?).

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