Interior company PĪRS INTERIOR has been representing the LUSTRARTE factory in Portugal – a manufacturer of light objects with unique style, performance and use of materials – since 2004.„We like Portugal. We like the sea, sun and wind. Rough cliffs and vast beaches. Hills with low growing cork oaks and fantastic highway landscapes. White and colorful, poetic towns. The stern silence of the Portuguese people and their surprising hospitality. All these poetic features create the vital atmoshpere of everyday life in Portugal.

It seems to us that the Atlantic shore is similar to our seaside, and seafaring is popular in Portugal just like here. In our opinion mentality, senses, vibrations of cosiness and nostalgia are what the Portuguese and Latvians have in common. And the SEA, of course, which is to be written in capital letters for both nations.

And that is why we – and, hopefully, you as well – enjoy these lamps. Their design themes of the sea and countryside are like an eternal, classic seal on old letters which can sometimes be found on dusty shelves in museums or archives. Is it not true that we, consciously or unconsciously, often long for sentimental patriotism and national romanticism? Why should we not give in to the temptation?”

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